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The History of Morgan Hill Wine Shop and Cigar Co.

The Central Coast Tobacco LLC previously operated two retail tobacco stores, one in Morgan

Hill, California and the other in Monterey, California. The proprietor of CCT LLC, as a part of

his long term business plan, consolidated his businesses into one store at his premises in

Monterey. He vacated the store in Morgan Hill at the end of August 2009.

A number of customers of the Morgan Hill Tobacco Company formed a new company, BWC

Enterprises Inc., with the intention of establishing their own retail store for the sale of premium

cigars, tobacco related products and fine wines. BWC did not purchase the business from the

previous owner. BWC entered into a new lease with the City of Morgan Hill for the same

premises where Morgan Hill Tobacco Co was located.


The retail store in Morgan Hill serves as a cigar bar with certain premium members who pay an

annual fee. The store is open to members and non-members alike. Members are entitled to a

discount on their purchases, non-members are not. Patrons of the store are permitted to smoke in

the store and purchase beer and wine for consumption in a designated part of the store.

In August 2015 the City of Morgan Hill sold the premises where BWC was a tenant and BWC

vacated the premises in early October 2015. BWC relocated to their new premises in Candy Park

at 16375 Monterey Road in Morgan Hill. BWC has signed a five year lease with the owner of the

building and has options for five more years. The new building required significant tenant

improvements in order to make it suitable for BWC’s business operations.


As a part of its relocation and ongoing plans for growth, Morgan Hill Wine Shop completed the

construction of a ‘smoke free’ wine bar and shop adjacent to the new cigar lounge. The wine

shop has increased its offering to over 140 premium wines, ports and champagnes and our

inventory now includes 16 local wineries, California Wines from Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles,

Santa Clara Valley and Lodi, as well as imported wines from Australia, France, Argentina, Italy,

Spain and Portugal.